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It's time to quit gatekeeping astrology basics. This course is unlocking the gates of astrology so you can show up as your authentic self in all areas of your life!

This course is designed to support you in ascending to the next level. 

Ever read your horoscope and thought, what the fuck did I just read?

Then, it starts talking about your career in relation to Mars and you think, what has Mars, a planet, got to do with my career? But wait, there’s more - your relationship is apparently going to go into the shitter this week because of Venus and you’re like, “oh hell no!” Oh and let's not forget, you can’t read any other star signs horoscope, cause its bad luck and then your horoscope won’t happen!!


This is not the end-all and be-all of astrology!!

Trust me, in my earlier days, this was my jam and my train of thought! I’d flip my Girlfriend Magazine to the horoscope section and find Aquarius - I also never understood why Aquarius was second last when it was in Feb. I had all of these thoughts and more when it came to Astrology.

In all honesty, when I first started researching courses I felt like I was being hoaxed into some scam because Astrology isn't ReAL!

So instead, I deep-dived into it, buying all of the books, googling all of the questions and meaning of everything. I studied hard, thank you to my 9th house, I learnt so much and it just made sense. During my studies; it came to me...


So I made it. Duh!

Astro Ascension;

eight weeks of eight modules that open the gates of astrology to help you understand the stars, moons, planets, zodiac signs and houses.

Having all this knowledge in the bank so you know how to show up authentically so you can ascend in all areas of your life.

This course will never be this price again and in all honestly, I haven't gone mad at setting this course this low. Imagine investing so much into yourself that everything aligns.

Investment: $666

Need more information? Keep scrolling...

Week 1:

Housekeeping things, energetic boundaries and The Zodiacs part 1. Here we will go through the first six Zodiacs, the energetics, how the zodiacs are represented, how they show up and how to embody the energies. 


Week 2:

The Zodiacs Part 2Here we will go through the second half of the Zodiacs, the energetics, how the zodiacs are represented, how they show up and how to embody the energies. 


Week 3:

The Planets. In this session, we will go through all the planets, what they stand for and what they represent in astrology and in your birth map. 


Week 4:

The Houses. In this session, we discuss the importance of houses and how they show up in your life. 

Week 5:

The Rising Sign. What is the importance of this sign and what it represents? How it shows up in your life and how to call upon it when you feel you need it. 


Week 6:

Retrogrades and the energetics behind it! Why they don't need to be feared, in fact why you should feel excited about retrogrades and what it means when you are born under retrogrades. 


Week 7:

The importance of the Sun & Moon. This is such an important session, the sun and moon have so much power and energy to tap into and once you understand how to do this, you'll be unstoppable


Week 8:

Birth Maps & Embodiment, this session we take a look at your individual birth maps and learn how to put all the pieces together! 

Investment: $666

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