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Birth Map Readings
Birth Map Reading

For the love of Astrology, stars, moon and being human! I deep dive into your placements and connect to your current energy. I bring these two together and provide you with your very own booklet that you receive via email. We then book a session via Google Meet and I guide you to integrating these placements into your life with ease. 

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I just wanted to say thank you for my birth chart and reading, it's amazing!
I loved how in-depth but easy to understand you made the birth map, and how it related to each house and star sign, stuff that usually would overwhelm me and I'd just end up glazing over! 
The Guidance Reading was so detailed, and gave me so much clairty moving forward into the new year. 
Thank you so much for my birth chart & guidance reading. I resonated with my birth chart so much! I love that I get to keep it and refer back to it at any stage in life. I also needed to hear a lot of the things that came up in my guidance reading.
I'm also kinda shocked my moon and rising are both Aries, but at the same time it makes sooo much sense because I definitely have that fire side! 
Birth map reading was absolutely crazy, me to a T. Which made me purchase my guidance reading, everything you said explains so much. Working on my heart chakra constantly and already feeling so much better internally & mentally!!!! It's crazy! You really do have a wonderful gift.
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  • 1 hr

    55.50 Australian dollars
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Guidance Reading & Birth Map Reading
The Reading Bundle

This service is for those that are ready to fully dive into spiritual and divine guidance! I deep dive into your chart, read your placements and put them together for you to be able to fully follow your stars. You receive a booklet via email with your birth map & placements. We then have a 1:1 session where I connect to your current energy and provide you with a Guidance Reading. I relay the messages that come through for you and nurture you to be open to receiving them. 

These two services together provide you with clarity, support, love and compassion for your path ahead.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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