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Spiritual Coaching is for the people who are ready and willing to learn, up-level and commit to themselves. It is for the people who are ready to trust themselves no matter where this journey takes them.

Spiritual Coaching is for you if you have been experiencing the symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening and would like to go deeper and develop your psyche, and spiritual gifts.

During our coaching container, we work through any energetic blockages that have come up for you, I hold space and nurture you through the darkness, and hard parts. 

This intimate experience of support and compassion is for you to show up for yourself and a reminder that you are a human & soul. 

This experience is for you if you are ready for the Spiritual shifts and the Human life alignment. 

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90 Minute Session

An intuitively guided session designed specifically around you. I use a range of Spiritual Tools and gifts such as; Reiki, Guidance Reading, and Astrology in our session to hold, support and nurture you through your current energy and blockages. 

1 90-Minute Session

Opportunity to work further


3 Months Container

An intimate experience where I meet you where you're at spiritually. This is specifically for you if you are new to the spiritual space and aren't sure where to begin and would like to be supported in finding spiritual tools and discovering your spiritual gifts. During this time, we work together in creating space for you to feel safe to practice your gifts, develop your psyche and begin to embed your spirituality into your human reality. 


2 monthly Google Meet calls

Voxer coaching Mon-Fri


6 Months Container

This experience is for you if you have been in the spiritual world for a while and have established strong energetic boundaries and routines in your human reality for your woo-woo to free flow. This experience is also for those of you who have a Spiritual Business and practice your spiritual gifts for a living or would like to. We work together through any mindset blockages, challenges, shadows or fears that come up throughout this time, in order for you to feel safe to expand your spiritual gifts into the business world. 

2 monthly Google Meet calls

Voxer coaching Mon-Fri

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